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EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate


The EU Digital COVID Certificate will facilitate safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The certificate will be introduced in EU Member States. Countries can start issuing and using it already and it will become available in all EU Member States as of 1 July 2021.

An EU Digital COVID Certificate is a digital proof that a person has either

  • been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • received a negative test result or 
  • recovered from COVID-19

National authorities are in charge of issuing the certificate. It could, for example, be issued by test centres or health authorities, or directly via an eHealth portal. Please contact your Health national authority for more information.

The digital version can be stored on a mobile device, but citizens can also request a paper version. Both will have a QR code that contains essential information, as well as a digital signature to make sure the certificate is authentic. Member States have agreed on a common design that can be used for the electronic and paper versions to facilitate the recognition.

Starting from 6 August 2021 in Italy, in white areas (but also in the yellow, orange or red area, where the services and activities listed below are allowed), the possession of the green certification will not be necessary to access the accommodation facilities and stay there, but it will be necessary to access some of the services provided by hotels and accommodations, listed below:

- food services (restaurants, bars and so on) with consumption at the table, indoors - this rule does not apply to accommodated customers but only to non-accommodated customers who use the food services;

- swimming pools, gyms and wellness centers, limited to indoor activities - applies to all clients, both accommodated and non-accommodated;

- conferences and congresses- applies to all clients, both accommodated and non-accommodated;

- parties resulting from civil or religious ceremonies, also organized through catering and banqueting services, even if held outdoors - applies to all clients, both accommodated and non-accommodated.

Please visit the European Commission website ( for more information.

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