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What are the new rules for reaching Sardinia?

What are the new rules for reaching Sardinia?

The order of 7 October 2020 of the Minister of Health modified the list of countries of origin that represent a risk for the spread of the pandemic on the national territory.

For the purpose of containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, people who intend to enter the national territory and who in the previous fourteen days have stayed or transited in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic Czech and Spain without prejudice to the provisions of the dpcm 7 September 2020, as extended by the decree law 7 October 2020 n. 125, must alternatively:

a) present to the carrier at the time of embarkation and to anyone appointed to carry out the checks of the attestation of having undergone, in the 72 hours prior to entry into the national territory, a molecular or antigen test, carried out by means of a swab negative result;

b) undergo a molecular or antigen test, to be carried out by means of a swab, upon arrival at the airport, port or border place, where possible, or within 48 hours of entering the national territory at the local health company of reference; while waiting to undergo the test at the local health company of reference, people are subjected to fiduciary isolation at their home or residence.

These people, even if asymptomatic, are obliged to immediately communicate their entry into the national territory to the Prevention Department of the competent local health authority. In the event of the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, the obligation remains for anyone to report this situation promptly to the Health Authority through the specially dedicated telephone numbers and to undergo, pending the consequent decisions of the Health Authority, to isolation.

We also inform our kind customers that, as per regional ordinance n.46 of 6 October 2020 issued by the President of the Sardinia region, regional ordinance n.43 / 2020 is extended until 23 October 2020, all passengers arriving in Sardinia, regardless of their origin, they must alternatively present:

- the result of a rapid serological or molecular or antigenic test for Covid-19, performed no later than 48 hours after departure, which gave a negative result;


- the receipt of completion, as part of the online registration procedures pursuant to art. 1 of the Ordinance, of the appropriate self-certification proving that they have undergone, in the 48 hours prior to entering the Sardinian regional territory, a serological, molecular or antigenic test, the result of which was negative.

If passengers arrive in Sardinia without the indicated certifications, they can be in compliance within the following 48 hours, according to one of the following methods:

- immediately communicating their arrival to the competent health company and agreeing to undergo the swab, pending the outcome of which they undertake to observe the trustee home isolation, which will cease only upon any negative outcome of the same;

- agreeing to undergo one of the tests carried out directly at the stations possibly set up in the ports and airports of arrival;

- by carrying out a test at the accredited facilities or collection points, which can be consulted from the link indicated on page 3 of the attached explanatory note and communicating the relative outcome;

- by carrying out a serological test, also qualitative, at the destination facility whose result is certified by a qualified doctor and sending it to the general direction of the Department of hygiene and health of the Sardinia Region.

The cost incurred for carrying out the tests will be reimbursed by the Region of Sardinia upon presentation of a regular receipt, according to the terms and procedures defined by a resolution of the Regional Council which will be available on the institutional website of the Region itself.

Furthermore, all passengers are required to register online through the form available at the following link.

Given the very rapid evolution of the regulatory scenario, we invite our customers to contact the reception to receive updated information on the situation to confirm what is reported in this information.

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