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Voucher Villa Las Tronas

Buy your voucher now and save over 20% on your holiday in Sardinia!

Our vouchers - € 100 each - allow you to book stays or services at Villa Las Tronas enjoying a special discount, with no date restrictions. You can buy our vouchers today and book by September 2021 ensuring a discount of up to 20%, or give vouchers to your loved ones for an unforgettable experience on the Sardinian sea.

How does it work?

Buy your voucher today and book your stay by checking availability with the structure for the desired dates: the discount available for the selected period will be applied to the price available online! For example, a stay in May 2021 with an online value of € 650 may be covered by the purchase of 5 bonds for a total of € 500.

The value of the vouchers varies according to the period of use of the stay / service:
€ 120.00 for stays from 01/06/2020 to 30/09/2020 € 130.00 for stays from 01/10/2020 to 31/05/2021 € 115.00 for stays from 01/06/2021 to 30 / 09/2021

The voucher can also be used for services such as massages or Spa treatments, while it is not valid on drinks and restaurant menus.

To purchase your bond, click the following link: Buy your voucher

For more information you can contact us at 079 981818 or write to us at

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This sea is full of voices
and this sky is full of visions
Giovanni Pascoli